Who owns the pictures?

A week doesn't go by that I do not receive Submissions from a Model asking to be published.  We do accept Submissions from Models, however, we contact the Photographer that took the pictures since he/she owns the copyright to those images.  Models sometimes tell me that I do not need to contact the Photographer because they own the images.  So I have decide to explain who owns the images from a professional Photo Shoot.

By law most countries recognize the Photographer as the owner of the images taken from his camera.  Even the Model has paid the Photographer to do a professional Photo Shoot.  What the Model has paid for is for the Photographer's Photo Shoot time, retouching time, travel, etc.   The only way you own the images is if the photographer gives you a document stating he relinquishes his rights to his images and give you the copyright to those images. Otherwise, the images belong to the photographer. If you want to publish his images he has to give permission to the publication via a release form.  Even though a Photographer might have given the Model the copyrights to his pictures, we will still contact the photographer for confirmation.

Even though we accept images for publication from both Models and Photographers, it is our strict policy that the Photographer and the Model, each of them, have to sign a Publication Release Form (PRF).  We absolutely do not publish any images without those two pieces of documentation.  

We also require the Model to provide to us proof of Age Verification via a legal ID.  https://www.LYDMP.com/age-verification

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