Peter Rollans

Photographer - Owner and CEO

Peter Rollans 3b.jpg

For over 20 years Peter Rollans has been creating photographic art and publications which are world renown.  Peter hails from the beautiful down under land of Australia.  He is the Owner, CEO, Publisher, Mentor, Promoter, Organizer, Trainer and so much more.  I am sure you have heard of Australian Swimsuit Edition Magazine, Bikini Illustrated Magazine, Latino Bikini Life Magazine, Bikini Inc USA Magazine, Hot Ink Magazine, Enchanted Angelz Magazine, Intense Desire Magazine, Model Zone Magazine to name a few.  All of these International publications have been the brain child of Mr Rollans.  

Peter has been a friend and mentor to me and so many other photographers.  He loves being able to promote models and photographers so their work is seen, known and appreciated. 


Most publications gives models a couple of pages and feature 10 to 12 models on each issue.. Peter Rollans has never done that.  Peter features 3 or 4 models and photographers giving them anywhere from 6 - 8 DOUBLE pages, something rarely seen in our industry.  Many International Models who are now Internationally well known were first published in one of Peter Rollans publications.

Out industry, models and photographers owe a debt of gratitude to this gentle giant, this selfless man, this encouraging and empowering professional.    Peter has decided its time (maybe for now) to spend more time with his daughter and grand children.  Time which he has missed through out the years as he has helped those of us in the industry grow and advance.  

Peter,  your influence and you knowledge will be sorely missed.  And those of us who call you our friend, are excited for your family who finally can spend that time which they have longed for with you.

God bless you my friend, and hope to see you doing your thing soon!!!