Our publications are International publications based out of Australia. They has been in the market place for over 15 years.
Why our magazines instead of some of the other publications? This is why…

  • We have longevity in the industry, and are well known and respected by other publications.

  • We have 15 Preferred Photographers from all over the world, countries like USA, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

  • We have Contributing Photographers from all continents.

  • We have published model from over 25 countries.

  • Several of our Cover Models have been published in the likes of Playboy, Maxim, etc.

  • Most publications publish 2 or 3 images of each model, our features 6-8 pages long, and publish 8-10 images from each model.

  • As soon as the magazine is published we send out the tear sheets, other magazines take days in getting the tear sheets to the Models and Photographer; and sometime they have to continue to ask the magazines for the tear sheets.

  • We publish up and coming Models, as well as, Professional Models.