Explanation of our Publications Genres

Publication Requirements:
Adults Models: Online Publication Release From, Age Verification (www.LYDMP.com/age-verification) and Publication Questionnaire
Photographers: Online Publication Release Form
Minor Models (17 years of age and under): Parental Consent Publication Release Form and Age Verification for both Minor Model and One Parent.
Minor Models will only be published in LYDRS (Live Your Dream Rising Stars) Magazine.
We do not publish ANYONE without Publication Release Forms and completed documentation

Submissions Specs: Our Features are 6-8 pages long. We publish 8-10 pictures from the same set and the same photographer.
8 Vertical shots (8.5 x 11) and 2 Horizontal shots (17 x 11), 300 dpi, no logos
Both Model and Photographer are credited on each page the images appear.

Tear Sheets: Unlike most Magazines we send out to both Model and Photographer the tear sheets.
TEAR SHEETS ARE SENT OUT THE SAME DAY the magazine is released. We do not send Magazine hard copies.
Bulk sales are available thru MagCloud and thru our office..
We do not pay for submissions, and you do not pay for being published in our publications.

Bikini Inc USA Magazine
Bikini wear, Beach Wear, Beach, Lake, On Location.  Shots can be implied, no nipples showing or full nudity.

Sample Features

Hot Ink Magazine
The major emphasis of Hot Ink Magazine is to display the beauty of Tattoos.  We only publish nudity if it is to emphasize the Models Tattoos and its beauty. 
That being said, we want to the Models (male or female) to display as much of their tattoos as possible.
Dressed, short, tank tops, implied.  No type of nudity that will distract from the INK itself.

Sample Features

Enchanted Angelz Magazine
Sexy Casual Wear, Tops/Shorts, Lingerie, On Location, Boudoir, Studio, Implied.  No full nudity

Sample Features

Intense Desire Magazine
Glamour Nude publication.  Boudoir, Lingerie, On Location, Studio, Full Frontal and Back nudity.
IMPORTANT: Due to MagCloud publishing guidelines, we do not publish vagina shots. 
The Model can be facing forward but her legs need to be crossed or the crotch area needs to be shadowed.

Sample Features

Solo Publications

LYDRS Magazine
LYDRS Magazine aims to bring to the forefront of our industry those children, and youth (Minors ages 12-17 yrs old) who are working hard at building their careers and making their dream come true. 

One Of A Kind Magazine
One Of A Kind Magazine highlights those beautiful sexy models whose work is impressive and one of a kind.  Glamour Nude publication.  Boudoir, Lingerie, On Location, Studio, Full Frontal and Back nudity.