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I am Enrique Romero, Editor In Chief for INTENSE DESIRE MAGAZINE.

INTENSE DESIRE MAGAZINE is planning to publish a MATERNITY - SPECIAL EDITION. INTENSE DESIRE MAGAZINE. INTENSE DESIRE MAGAZINE is a Glamour Nude publication, however, this issue will have both Glamour Nude and Implied images. Our publication is International, giving new-upcoming Model and Professional Models a venue to share their talent, work and beauty. Our plan is to publish this Special Edition in May. We would like the Models to be in their 3rd trimester.

You are probably wondering why would any publication be interested in doing a Maternity Special Edition. The Maternity stage in a woman’s life is a beautiful stage and we would like to highlight the Maternity Beauty and joy of bringing a new life into our world.

Submission Requirements:
Our Features are 6-8 pages long
8-10 images needed (8 vertical images, 2 horizontal images)
300 dpi
No logo

We DO NOT publish any images with correct documentation. (Both Photographer and Model release forms, Model Magazine Q&A and Model’s Age Verification)

Feature Sample: Model: Starsmith Amy Photographer: Vito A. Servideo.

Please find us in Social Media at:
Facebook: Enrique Romero
Instagram: Enrique Romero Photography
Model Mayhem: Enrique Romero Photography

Thank you and have a great day!

Enrique Romero
Editor In Chief

If you are interested and would like to be on the publication schedule, send your submission today!!!