LYDRS MAGAZINE - Rising Star Model Ilanit Cruz - October 2018

By Enrique Romero in LYDRS MAGAZINE

38 pages, published 9/30/2018

LYDRS MAGAZINE - Rising Star Ilanit Cruz - October 2018

LYDRS Magazine -(Live Your Dream - Rising Stars), will feature talented Rising Stars from all walks of life; such as Children, Athletes, Young Scholars, Models, Professionals, etc.

The publication will only feature one person (two in the case of twins, etc).  It will feature 10-12 images and an interview with the featured Rising Star.  The featured Rising Stars will be required to fill out a Q&A and sign a Publication Release Form.  If the Rising Star is a minor, both the Rising Star and their parent will be required to fill out the Rising Star Q&A and the parent sign the Publication Release Form. 

Images can be taken by professional photographers (which will be credited in the publication) or of HD taken by non-professionals.

The magazine will be available thru MagCloud, both in hard copy and also PDF.

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