The Best Assets (Boobs) In The World
Special Editions


Second Edition

First Edition

On March 2018 Intense Desire Magazine published the The Best Assets In The World (Boobs) - First Edition.

The publication featured 12 International Models from all over the world.  Models from the USA, Cuba, Czech Republic, Mexico, Canada, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

The 1st Special Edition was very well received all over the world, so well received that by public demand in July 2018 we are going to publish the Second Editio - The Best Assets In the World (Boobs). 

This time we will feature Models from Peru, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines and Brazil.

Intense Desire Magazine is a Glamour Nude publication, we will feature topless images of these beautiful International Models.  We will publish nude topless shots, we will not publish any vaginal shots.

If you are interested, send your submissions today.