The reason Live Your Dream Model Productions, LLC asks Models for Age Verification is a legal issue. 

It is illegal in the USA, as well as, in other countries to publish minors without parental consent.  A minor is considered anyone 17 years of age or younger.  In order for a minor to be photographed, video taped or published, their parent or legal guardian has to sign a consent form.  If a consent form is not signed by the Minor's parent or legal guardian,  the photographer and/or publisher can be accused and prosecuted for Child Pornography.  If the Photographer, and/or Publisher is found guilty of such offense, the punishment can carry a jail sentence.

There are Models in our industry who are not honest about their age in order to be photographed and published as adults.  It is for this reason Live Your Dream Model Productions, LLC asks for any Model who is going to be published in any of our publications to provide us with proof of age.  This proof of age (Age Verification) can be provided to us in the form of a photograph or scan of their Legal ID, Driver's License or Passport. 

If a Model feels uncomfortable about some of the information in the document being shared with our organization, it is acceptable to us for the Model to cover any such information as long as we can see the Model's face and the Date of Birth.

If a Model objects to sharing their Age Verification documentation, Live Your Dream Model Productions, LLC reserves the right not to publish their work.

MINORS: The only way to verify that the person submitting the Publication Release Form is the Minor's parent is to match the Parent's ID with the Minors last name. 

As an organization we want to ensure we do things legally and meet the legal requirements as set by the United States of America and the different countries in which the Models reside.  We are not willing to publish anyone without verifying their legal age and run the risk of our publications be shut down or worse yet, anyone in our organization be prosecuted.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.